#002 – Slowly But Surely

Shipping, taking a break, and trying not to get distracted.

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This last month had its ups and downs. I deployed lots of improvements to Indie but lost my cadence with shipping something every day.

It felt good to have a break. I stepped away from the computer for a while and re-found my passion for a project I’d stopped working on last year.

But now I’m feeling recharged and ready to push forward.

What Shipped 🚀

✅ Autosave — seemed like a no-brainer.

✅ Onboarding — users will be given a draft post showcasing the editor’s features.

✅ Authorization — making sure the right people access the right things.

✅ Emoji picker — probably my favourite feature so far! 😍

Emoji picker demo
Emoji picker demo.

✅ Logout — previously, I’d been clearing my cookies to log out. 😅

Mostly mobile responsive UI — the account pages now look respectable on mobile.

✅ Profile photo — had been hard coded to always be my face. 😳

Uploading a profile photo
Profile photo upload.

✅ Delete sites & accounts — another no-brainer.

✅ Revisions for published posts — essentially drafts for an existing post.

Blog post revisions UI screenshot
Published post revisions UI.

✅ Flash messages — with a nice animation.

Flash message animation.

What went well

  • I shipped lots of stuff for Indie! 🚀

  • I went paragliding for the first time in almost a year!! 🥳 It felt great to be back in the air.

  • My girlfriend and I escaped the city to cat sit in the mountains. 🐈‍⬛

  • I resurrected an old project and I’m super excited about working on it again! 😁 Maybe this should appear in the “What can be improved” section as a distraction…

  • Started listening to The Bootstrapped Founder podcast 🎧

  • Enrolled in Startup School 🎓

What can be improved

  • I need to setup the Indie.io inbox on my phone. I missed an email from a potential alpha user for 2+ weeks 😱 because my desktop client quit and didn’t reopen.

  • Marketing 📣 I didn’t manage any marketing this month. I hope it’ll get easier when I have something that people can actually use.

  • Setting a deadline to launch. I’m getting very, very close! 📆

  • I’ll need to cut some features from the MVP, like custom domains and other things that could be in the paid plan. ✂️

  • I didn’t live up to my weekly updates so I’ll move to monthly updates.


Not much to report, but here are this month’s stats:

  • 📈 217 unique visitors in the last 30 days

  • 📬 24 emails on the waitlist (↑7)

  • ⚡️ 1 live blog

  • 💰 $0 ARR

  • 🐦 207 followers (↑15)

Spike from replying to an Indie Hackers post about building in public by Courtland Allen.

What’s next?

I’m yet to decide on pricing.

Do I go with the freemium model + paid plan, or charge for everything?

The advantage I see to having freemium is that lots of free accounts publishing content on indie.io subdomains will work as a powerful marketing channel.

My concern is the support & hosting costs, but my gut says to just do it.

Shia LaBeouf - Just do it

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So that’s it for June 2022. Thanks for reading this far!

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— Sam